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5 Ways to show some love to a loved one with a stutter!

People who Stutter span all areas of the world. They represent all personality types, classes, ethnic groups, talents, skills and levels of intellect. Moses, Winston Churchill, Isaac Newton, Ed Sheeran, James Early Jones, Bruce Wills and Jo Biden are only a few examples of famous people who stutter. Some things you can do to show your love for a loved one who stutters include:

1. Wait Patiently - Don’t complete words, supply answers or interrupt.

2. Maintain natural eye contact - concentrate on what is being said (ie the content) and not how l it is spoken (ie the manner). Don’t avert your eyes, turn your head away, or look pitying.

3. Do not interrupt him / her.

4. Don’t tell the person to “Think before you speak”, “Take a deep breath”, “Stop and start over” or “just relax”.

5. Avoid imposing time pressure.

One percent of the population stutters across all nationalities, cultures, religion and races. Boys are four times as likely as girls to stutter. It is interesting to note that people who stutter speak fluently in unison, when they whisper and when they sing. What is important to remember is that all evidence and research point to the fact that people who stutter are, as a group, no less intellectually, academically and emotional well-functioning than their peers. On the contrary, people who stutter are usually highly ambitious, driven and intelligent individuals. Even though there is no known cure for stuttering, there are definitely management tools and techniques that can be learned to manage stuttering in all situations so stuttering does not hinder any aspect of an individual's life.

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Dina Lilian, Speech Therapist

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